Pabitra Entertainment

About Us

The ambitions initiative started and took a meaningful shape in 1992 A.D. to provide entertainment in the shape of music, jatra & Film in audio – visual medias.
Till now, Pabitra Entertainment has tasted success in the respective fields and won recognition by the people of Odisha.
As we look to further our growth and continued success, we are committed to enhance our shareholders value and provide distinctive content that our audiences expect from us. We will continue to expand through our expertise in the T.V. and Motion Pictures division along with initiatives that will lead us to becoming a fully in-house organization from conceptualizing a notion to the execution to reach the demands of our consumers.
In the process we have become the proud possessor of 3000 modern music videos, 2000 music videos of Bhajans, Rights of 46 Odia feature films and 60 odia jatras. Three serials have been telecast in DD. Such as :

  • Murchhana = 520 episodes in DD Odia
  • Suprabhat = 520 episodes in DD Odia
  • Swagatam suprabhat = 520 Episodes in DD Odia.
  • Supravat ,Ranga taranga Besides, we’re organising cultural events in the different parts of Odisha

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